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Dalsey Adaptives Scleral light Stand System



Specifically Crafted for Scleral Lens Patients

See-Green®™ Lens Inserters and Stands

▲ Use the See-Green™ Lens inserter for Insertion only. Do not use to
remove lens. For removal, use the DMV Ultra Contact Lens▲ Only use preservative-free saline prescribed by your doctor.

▲ Before using, Wash hands thoroughly with soap (without
moisturizer) and water, and dry before handling plunger and light.
▲ always wet the tip of the plunger with preservative-free sterile
saline prescribed by your doctor. Do not apply a dry plunger to the
lens surface.

▲ After each use, wash plunger and remover with
warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly. Shake off
excess water, blot the plungers dry with a clean
paper towel and place your application and
remover plunger in the See-Green®™ Vented
Storage Vial between uses. DO NOT Leave the
plunger on the LED (bulb) in between uses. The
plunger can trap saline against the LED and
plunger. The saline is corrosive and prolonged
attachment to the LED will shorten the life of
your see-green plunger.

▲ Weekly -Wash plunger stands and See-Green®™ Vented Storage
Vial weekly with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry with
a clean cloth. Do not wash stand, plunger or vial in dishwasher.

▲ CAUTION: Plunger contains natural rubber latex which may cause
allergic reactions. Per manufacturer, lab testing finds no antigenic
proteins in this material. Contact us to obtain a Silicone version
of our See-green application plunger.

▲ CHOKING HAZARD : Keep this product away from small children.

✸ It is recommended that application and removal plungers be
replaced upon showing signs of wear or after 6 months of use.

✸ DO NOT KEEP the inserter in a bathroom with high moisture
content ie, from showering. Doing so will shorten the life of your
lens inserter. Store the unit in a dry place.

✸ DO NOT leave in a car in freezing or very hot temperatures. Carry
the unit on board air flights rather than in luggage in the cargo bay.

USE INSTRUCTIONS See-Green®™Lens Inserter

To attach plunger to Light: Wet the
bottom of the plunger with sterile saline.
While holding the bottom of the plunger,
insert the LED bulb in the small hole
with a twisting motion so only the clear
part of the LED bulb enters the plunger.
Inserting your lens: Follow your doctor’s instructions for
inserting your lens.


1) The lid spread is everything! Hold
the lids by the margins, where the lashes meet the lids. The
contact points should be centered so as to form a perfect circle.
Hold both lids open. Tuck your chin to your chest. Look straight
down. Keep the plunger centered on your eye by focusing on
the green light in the hole of the plunger. Continue
approaching your eye smoothly and steadily. You will feel the
fluid, but you are not done yet. Press lens onto the eye.

2) Capture the lens with the eyelids by releasing the lids. Don’t squint. Maintain
the upward pressure on the lens.

3) Release the lens from plunger by squeezing completely. Maintain the upward
pressure against the eye, while squeezing to release the lens. The lens has now
been released onto your eye. Stay squeezed while you retract the plunger away
from the eye.
Push Upwards and Squeeze Stay squeezed while you retract the plunger away

Specifically Crafted for Scleral Lens Patients
Plunger Stands

Our stands hold plungers and lenses securely while being prepared for insertion.
They provide a base to steady your hands and allow you to get your eye close to the
lens prior to lifting it up to the eye. The stand on the left is for use with the SeeGreen®™ Lens Inserter. The slot allows the wire to enter and to come up as the
plunger is put on and lifted up from the stand. Some people need to use two hands
to hold open their lids as shown in above. When using the stand this way, instead
of raising the plunger to your eye, lower your head smoothly and steadily while
focusing on the green light in the hole in the plunger until you will feel the fluid.
Press your eye downward onto the lens. Capture the lens with the eyelids by
releasing the lids. Lift up your head, and the lens should come off the plunger if
there isn’t too much suction. If necessary, release the lens from the plunger by
squeezing the plunger as described in 3) above.

Helpful Tips

To turn light on and off:
- Press rubber covered button on side of box.
- If your fingers are weak, turn box on end with button against table and press
down with hand.
Changing Batteries
The LED bulb (light emitting diode) uses very little power from the battery
when in use. You should get over 1,000 hours of use from the LED before
needing to change the batteries. If you do need to change the batteries,
follow these steps:
1. Unscrew the two screws that hold the cover
on the white case.
2. Lift off the lid to expose the AAA battery
holder. 3. Remove and replace the two AAA
batteries. 4. Place the battery holder back in the
case; put the lid in place, and screw the two
screws back into place.

- Having your lens set up ready to go on the
stand and getting near the lens prior to lifting it
to your eye will reduce the chance of saline
spilling out and developing bubbles.
- If you need both hands to hold your eye lids
open and you have difficulty bending over far
enough to get your eye near the stand, then use
a bowl turned upside down to elevate the stand.

LED and WIRE Maintenance
Wipe down the black wire, LED bulb, white
battery case and rubber button with a clean
damp cloth after each use to get the saline off.
2 year replacement policy for
the LED light.

Lens Inserters

Since 2007, our products have helped thousands of people overcome the natural
aversion and difficulties of inserting large scleral lenses. Our products provide the
ultimate solution for those people experiencing difficulty applying their scleral lenses.
How our See-Green®™ Products Help
 Most users have a typical level of vision impairment and dexterity, but find that
the green light gives them the alignment they need to insert the lens quickly
without stress or experiencing the occasional misaligned and painful insertion.
 For those with a general aversion to inserting a lens, we are advised that
focusing the eye on the green light, which is further out than the lens, helps
reduce stress and prevent flinching and involuntarily darting away of the eye. 
 Most users find the stands help them by having the lens filled with saline and
ready to go. The user can get close to the lens and have a short distance to lift
the plunger to the eye and have more reliable, repetitive success centering the
lens and avoiding bubbles. Those with unsteady hands find the stands essential.
 The challenge for others is the difficulty of spreading both eye lids open wide
enough. The stands allow such users to free up both hands to pry open their
eyelids while slowly lowering their eye on to the lens.
 Users with low vision, vision in one eye only, or use of only one hand find the
products essential.
 Some eye doctors use the products to train all of their new scleral lens patients
Strictly follow the instructions given to you by your doctor for handling and care of
your lenses and for use of our products. Patients of the Boston Foundation for Sight
and its PROSE Clinic

The See Green®™ Lens Inserter is made in the U.S.A. and the LED light comes with a
two-year free replacement policy. We provide personal and prompt customer service.
We offer to adapt our products on an individual basis for people with special needs,
such as extra bright lights for extreme low vision users. Our mission is to continue to
support the people who rely on us, and to keep producing, improving and delivering
helpful products that are easy to use, economical, and long lasting.
It is our pleasure to make and sell these helpful products, and gratifying to know they
make a big difference in the quality of life for so many people who use them every


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