Eyeseals Onyix Hydrating Sleep Shield Mask


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If you suffer from sleep apnea, are a frequent flier, or are just looking for better nights sleep, the Onyix Silicone Sleep Shield is for you. Designed specifically to help sleep apnea patients, the soft, flexible silicone sleep shield covers your eyes, creating tranquil darkness in any environment. The goggles are light and comfortable and fit snugly against your skin without any irritation or discomfort and comes with the standard wrap.

Onyix Kit includes:

  • Silicone sleep shield with standard wrap (latex free)

  • Microfiber travel sack

  • Available in black

  • Made in the USA

(Also see tranquileyes goggles for moist heat, cold therapies, sleep, and air travel protection.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kristine Brown

Great goggles to protect my eyes while sleeping with my CPAP mask.

Eddie Larra

I have very dry eyes and nerve damage that does not allow me to close my eyes when I lay down so these are a God send. I love this and it is helping my eyes so much. They are easy and not uncomfortable at all.

Molly Keysor

Nice product, very fast shipping